Audie Steel & Engineering

Drilling Rigs and Equipment for the African market.


Meet your #1 supplier of well-drilling equipment including rigs, drill rods, hammers, bits and more. 

If you are engaged in drilling you can’t disregard the quality and reliability of equipment that you use. With Audie Steel & Engineering, you don’t have to. We are a reputable manufacturer of top-notch  water-drilling machines and supplies designed with your needs in mind. For almost 20 years, we’ve been serving the market of South Africa and providing drillers with the best products that money can buy.

Whether your drill company specializes in exploration or extraction of natural resources Audie Steel & Engineering will be of service. Our capabilities enable us to produce next-level machinery for almost all applications, including water and borehole drilling. No matter the site requirements and climate conditions, we are in a position to manufacture equipment that will be perfectly suitable for your project.

At Audie Steel & Engineering, we realize that any drilling activity goes hand in hand with potential hazards. To minimize the risk of occupational accidents, we rely on the latest 3D engineering techniques to test the dependability of our machinery. Only once their performance is ensured to be 100% safe, we put our drilling rigs for sale. Plus, we’ve got everything it takes to customize our products if necessary.

What’s in our range of machines and d rilling supplies?

When it comes to drilling, there are so many machines to have, to say nothing of components. But you are no longer supposed to spend a fortune buying them up from different suppliers. At Audie Steel & Engineering, you can find all you need under one roof and for the most budget-friendly prices:

  • Drill rods. They are essential for well-drilling machines and mining applications, among others. Our rods are available in a variety of sizes so you can easily get something that fits the bill. Also visit

  • Drilling equipment. Shop for outstanding down-the-hole hammers, drill bits, rods, adapters, and everything in between here. They are all designed to facilitate your drilling activities.

  • Drilling rigs. If you are looking for a mobile structure to bore a hole in the ground, we’ve got you covered. We offer an extensive assortment of truck-mounted, trailer, and other rigs for sale.

  • Compressors. To ensure flawless drilling performance, you need to use the right compressor. Go for the best one for your equipment in this section.

  • Trucks. Take a look at our range of chassis cabs to make the transportation of your drilling structures easier. At Audie Steel & Engineering, they are available at the best prices.

  • Drill rig components. Reduce the risk of downtime by having high-quality spare parts at hand. Here you can find winches, rotating couplings, and many other drilling supplies.

We stand behind your drilling

Audie Steel & Engineering is the first name that pops into your head when you need proven well-drilling rigs and supplies. The service life of our equipment is like no other, meaning that it is designed to facilitate your operations for years to come. If you’re interested in partnering with us or want to request more details on our products, be sure to contact us!